Very active in community development and improvement, the people behind Diamonds on Broadway Jewellers work hard to make sure their store provides exactly what you need. There is no better way to do that than through customized jewellery made to your exact specifications. “We have a consultative approach when it comes to making jewellery for customers. We want it to be special,” says Michael genuinely. Getting jewellery custom made is a unique way to honour a relationship. Whether you design an engagement ring, family ring, special pendent, or something to celebrate any occasion. Diamonds on Broadway will ensure the quality and functionality of your piece.

We have over 10 thousand max moulds in stock for custom rings. Customers can bring in sketches of what they are thinking of and we make a wax mould. The craftsmanship and creativity that go into this process make your piece of jewellery original and thoughtful. Customizing pieces makes them more sentimental. The customer takes pride in what they want, and we help them achieve that personal touch. We just take your ideas and turn it into the product. We can do almost anything. It helps preserve family legacies.

Here Diamonds on Broadway Jewellers, we also have an excellent selection of unique pieces in store. The store carries elegant core products with timeless style, ensuring your investment is both meaningful and well thought out. Diamonds on Broadway is also proud to carry the most exquisite brands in watches, including Seiko, Pulsar, and Lorus.
Diamonds on Broadway offers repair work on jewellery and watches, and can recommend advice on how to ensure your pieces last. Jewellery is an investment, and when the right pieces are bought and maintained, your investment will appreciate alongside sentimental value. They aim to exceed their customers’ expectations.

Jewellery is an emotional investment. No matter the monetary value, the piece is sentimental and meaningful to the person who owns it. The knowledgeable and amiable staff at Diamonds on Broadway Jewellers would love to help you choose momentous and expressive jewellery for your loved one, or help you though the process of customizing jewellery. Gift-wrapping is also available on site, so that your thoughtful gift comes complete in a beautiful package. A shop full of history, Diamonds on Broadway Jewellers wants you help you plan your future.